Fundraising for injured resident and firefighter

Above: Foxborough Firefighters will hold a fundraiser at Waxy O’Connors this Thursday night
(Photo from Facebook)

Last May, Southborough resident and former Southborough firefighter PJ Phaneuf was injured in an ATV accident. His injuries included 3rd and 4th degree burns to his foot, requiring expansive reconstructive surgery.

At the time of the accident, Phaneuf was working as a firefighter and paramedic for Foxborough. As a result of his injuries, he is unable to return to work.

Phaneuf’s colleagues are now raising funds to help him with medical and recovery expenses. They are holding an event this week and collecting direct contributions.

Phaneuf’s sister, Laura Bertonazzi asked me to share:

As a means to assist PJ with his recovery, the Foxborough Professional Firefighters Local 2252 is hosting a fundraising event on November 21st at 7pm at Waxy O’Connors on Main Street in Foxborough. For those who wish to make a donation, but are unable to attend, donations can be made to:

Foxborough Professional Firefighters Local 2252
8 Chestnut Street
Foxborough, MA 02035

To the many members of the local community who have supported PJ throughout this journey, I would also like to offer our sincere thanks for your support.

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