School fundraisers that don’t cost you anything

This time of year, everyone seems to have their hand out for worthy causes in need.

You may be feeling overwhelmed. Which is why it’s good to know one way you can make a difference without committing money or significant effort.

If you are planning a big pre-Thanksgiving grocery run, check out these fundraisers first. 

SOS (Southborough Organization for Schools) has partnerships with stores and vendors that help raise funds through special promotions. Even if you don’t have a child in the system, you can support your friends and neighbors.

Here is a reminder of what the schools are asking you to sign up for or collect.

stop_and_shop_a+_school_rewardsStop and Shop’s A+ program

  • Participating schools – all Southborough K-8
  • Simply click the link to sign up online. Register your S&S card and select up to 2 schools.
  • This needs to be renewed each year.
  • Points are earned based on purchases linked to the card between September and mid-March.  Points are used to determine funds that the store will contribute to the schools.
  • (This does not take away from your personal gas point earnings.)

Box Tops for education:


  • Participating schools – Finn and Woodward
  • Cut the “Box Tops” off packages, place them in a baggy and send them in your child’s backpack.
  • Finn (PreK – 1st grade) asks for collections on the 1st of each month.
  • Woodward (2nd – 3rd grade) has 2 collection times. The fall deadline passed, but you can put your tops aside in anticipation of the next collection. In January, they will start asking for submissions by March 1st. (This year’s goal is $1000 and they already collected $737 worth!)
  • Click here for more information on related products.

Ink jet printer cartridge recycling:
(OK, this one is unrelated to groceries. It’s just good to know year-round.)

  • inkjet_cartridgesNeary School (4th – 5th grade)
  • Have children drop off the cartridges in the collection box across from the main entrance
  • Collections are given to Staples for recycling (less environmental waste)
  • Neary earns rewards to purchase school supplies

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10 years ago

I wish the schools told us what the boxtop mioney goes to. I no longer have kids in the lower grade schools but I would like the chance to choose what I support. I still save all my boxtops but they are just collecting dust in a drawer. I want to give them to the cause I think is best. I have checked the SOS website and it doesn’t say what the money is used for. Can anyone shed some light on what the money is used for at each school?

10 years ago

i just signed up for the Stop & Shop fundraiser… was easy and very quick.
thanks for bringing this opportunity to our attention.

Eileen Cozzolino
10 years ago

For those of you with students at Algonquin, they are now part of the A+ program with Stop & Shop. The number for registration is 09780 or follow the link and select Northborough for location of ARHS. Thank you for your support!!

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