Recycling for charity: remember to sort your bottles and cans

Above: SEF volunteers collecting bottles and cans from the Transfer Station

How good are you at separating your cans and plastic bottles from your comingled recyclables?

If you’re following the Transfer Station rules, you can feel good about your charitable efforts.

According to the Southborough Education Foundation, charities receive almost $20,000 in proceeds from can and bottle redemptions per year.

Each week, the Southborough Transfer Station allows local charities to bag cans and bottles and take them for redemption.

SEF shared:

The SEF Board bagged all of the cans and plastic bottles that residents had put in the Transfer Station bin [on November 20] to raise money for this year’s grants. It is a messy job but the board had fun. They ended up with sixty three bags which should generate about $500 for them.

So, when you handle your recycling, remember to sort your cans and bottles!

(I’m sure SEF would also like you to remember their Apple Award drive going on now.)

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bob a
10 years ago

I did that once for the little league…worst job ever…

Dean Dairy
10 years ago

Why should you need a transfer station sticker to donate cans to these charities?

Why exclude the people who pay for private curbside pick-up an invitation to donate their refundable containers for charity?

Even if you had to set-up a separate drop-off at more limited times when the volunteers are there.

It only hurts the charities.

Does anyone know another drop-off location in town that accepts refundable containers for charity?

Kathy Cook
10 years ago

We actually have fun doing this even though we smell like beer when we leave. I don’t know the answer to Dean Dairy but it would be nice to find a way to get more cans and bottles in the bin for our charities. The SEF can fund a full mini grant with our money.

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