Favorite Places: Christmas lights in Southborough

Above: After a year hiatus, 3 Harris Drive’s annual lights and holiday decoration extravaganza is on display again this winter. (Photo submitted)

Before the storm hits this weekend, it’s a good time to drive around and see all the great Christmas displays.

Where are the good Christmas displays this year?

Does anyone have suggestions of roads/neighborhoods worth exploring or specific displays worth seeing?

The ones I already know about:

  • 3 Harris Drive: To get a better look at the above photo, click here. (Of course, to get a really good look, make the drive. And bring an unwrapped donation for Toys for Tots while you’re at it. It will give you an excuse to get out of the car and see the display up close!)
  • Readers have mentioned a display on Parkerville Road. (I assume on southside, but some confirmation would be good!)

If you have some good photos to share, send them to mysouthborough@gmail.com.

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9 years ago

There is a very cool light display on parkerville , southside, closer to route 9!

Pat Q.
9 years ago

The display on Parkerville is really something. It actually involves 2 homes next to each other.
It is on the end of Parkerville close to Rt. 9. If you are on Parkerville headed towards the entrance to Rt. 9, it is on your right side. Very well done.

Worth making the trip; I promise!

9 years ago

Parkerville Road- Southside!

Min Metally
9 years ago
Reply to  Southside

It’s a giant Pac-Man with a long line linked to a huge tower. Plus a whole house frame of lights. So cool!

Mark Ford
9 years ago
Reply to  Min Metally

um, spoiler alert!

9 years ago
Reply to  Southside

quite the effort, well done. had to drop off at Finn last night and went home via parkerville south….glad i did!

9 years ago

What fun. It’s always a treat to see all the lights at this time of year, even the more simple displays..A single small tree strung up with lights, tree lights from someone’s living room.. The whole thing.

9 years ago
Reply to  Parent

I agree Parent. We love the Christmas “tour de lights” this time of year!

9 years ago

I wish our town would be more festive. We went south for Christmas a couple of years ago and they had limo rides that would take you around all town to look at all of the lights. I guess there’s always Millis. Has anyone ever been?

C. Nicholas Ellis
9 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

I’ve been to the light show in Millis run by the owner of the big Chevy dealership. Very fine display – been a few times now. Well worth the drive. Highly recommend it. I intend to go this year.

9 years ago

There used to be a neighborhood in Sudbury that had a fantastic display. If you are travelling on Route 20 towards downtown Sudbury, turn left where the Fugakyu restaurant is. The neighborhood is down on the right. Sorry I don’t remember the names of the streets. If they still do it, it gets quite busy and the traffic gets backed up so go as soon as it gets dark.

9 years ago

Seriously, the light display in Millis was NOT worth the time, mainly because of the time it took. We probably waited close to an hour to get to the property, and then another 30 min to drive through it.

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