Cleaning house: post your “must go” items

Receiving gifts is fun. Figuring out where to put everything, not so much.

After Christmas, I had the unpleasant task of going through old toys, puzzles, and junk to decide what to keep and what gets the boot.

Inquiries from readers remind me that it’s not just kid’s stuff people are looking to get rid of. Many people are trying to rid their house of junk that they think may be someone else’s treasure. Yet, it’s not the time of year for yard sales.

Of course, there’s the Transfer Station swap shop. But some of you are hoping to sell (or at least donate) some items that you think are too special to dump there.

So here’s a specific thread for posting your info.

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Former Townie
10 years ago

$25 in Northborough for pickup. Water Cooler – takes Poland Springs (or other) 5 gallon jugs. Hot water switch has a locking latch. I has a front storage section. Slightly yellowed, but in great working condition. E-mail me at to schedule a pickup. First e-mail, it’s yours!!

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