Children’s Book Blog: Great authors to curl up with

[The “Book Blogs” are my love letter to children’s books.  My hope is to encourage parents to find joy in reading to their children.  I also want to promote the wonderful collection available through the Southborough Library.  These articles were my foray into My Southborough.  I’m still writing them for the Southborough Library website, and reprinting here with their permission.   For more of my book recommendations, click here.]

It’s been a while since I wrote a new “book blog” post. The truth is after 20 posts, I was having trouble coming up with a new topic to focus on.

(I’d love to get some reader feedback. If you have any book topic/slant you’d like me to cover, let me know.)

For inspiration this week, I was looking through my VERY long list of books that I’ve checked out over the years. In comparing it to what I’ve covered in the past articles, I noticed some authors were woefully neglected.

I tend to write about funny or educational books. Some wonderful authors don’t fit easily in those categories.

Here are some authors with a knack for spinning stories worth spending time with. Find a comfortable couch and curl up with books from the following storytellers:

  • Holly Hobbie: It’s hard to believe that the only time I wrote about Toot & Puddle books is a brief mention in a list of Christmas stories. I loved these thoughtful pigs before the best friends made it onto TV. (Actually, like many of my favorite book series, I wish it never did make it to TV.) Reading these original books to my kids gives me a warm feeling: Toot & PuddleA Present for Toot, You Are My Sunshine, Top of the World, and Charming Opal (and many more). (Note: If you are wondering about the familiar name. Yes, this is the same Holly Hobbie famous in the 60’s and 70’s for her images of girls in bonnets. I still have, and occasionally use, one of those coloring books.)
  • Tomie DePaola: This local author and illustrator is probably best known for his Strega Nona books. Kids do enjoy them. His books I appreciate the most are the reminiscences of his childhood. His stories capturing the young boys’ relationships with this grandparents are especially touching. I often find my voice catching as I read these stories aloud: Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs, Tom, Now One Foot and Now the Other* and The Baby SisterThe Art Lesson is another good one, focusing on his early love of drawing.

Feel free to share your own favorites or any questions by emailing Or visit the post on My Southborough to post a public comment.

*These three books are available through the Southborough Public Library’s interlibrary loan network. All other books listed are part of the library’s own children’s collection.

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