Stay tuned on Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Above: A ReStore donation center will be coming soon, near the site of our future swap shops.
(Photo by Beth Melo)

Did you notice anything interesting in your water bill this month?

The Department of Public Works used the mailing to share Habitat for Humanity’s flyer announcing the opening of ReStore donation site at the town transfer station.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore (200x100)Do you:

  • Have good, gently used items in your home that can be resold?
  • Want to make a tax deductible donation to Habitat for Humanity?
  • Want to keep potentially resellable material from going into a landfill?

Donating to the ReStore is a good, responsible way to help the community and the environment!

Don’t rush over just yet. It’s not quite up and running. Consider the flyer a preview.

DPW Director Karen Galligan tells me that the ReStore dropoff site will be located near the new swap shops, yet to be opened. That area first needs to be cleaned up. 

Right now, the DPW is still waiting on volunteers to coordinate the effort.

Once it is running, donations will help ReStore sell used items in support of Habitat for Humanity. Their primary goal is to:

Generate funds to build affordable homes in the metrowest/Greater Worcester area, allowing hard-working, low income families achieve the dream of home ownership in accordance with our ecumenical mission.

Donations to ReStore are tax deductible, so stay tuned for news on its opening.


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9 years ago

great news, I always felt good about leaving items at the swap shop for others to use until it was snatched up by the yardsalers to sell. Much rather have it sold for a good purpose.

9 years ago
Reply to  yardsales

Careful not to put everyone into the “yardsaler” category, I use everything I pick up and drop off plenty too. Only 47% of Southborough are millionaires after all.

9 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

you know, I almost went back and edited my post but didnt think it was necessary. as I said, I felt good about leaving items for others to use….I am certainly happy when my stuff gets re-used, not sold.

A parent
9 years ago

Very glad to see this.

9 years ago

What happens to all these new buildings as well as the old ones when the selectmen
decide to move the transfer station to make room for a new police and fire station complex? Do we really have the money for such a complex as well as a new transfer station at a different site when we can’t afford to properly staff the police and fire departments?

Good blog
9 years ago

I agree with ‘yardsaler’ and ‘concerned’. On Yardsaler, I don’t trust any group that is making money on junk. There is no accountability. For instance folks the good causes of Breast Cancer fully 60% of your donations tot he American Cancer Society or the Susan Komen Foundation go to their own salaries. Inversely, when I donate to Christina 501c3’s I make sure they subscribe to the CFA group that ranks where the money goes. All groups we “tithe” to overhead is between 5-10%. That is not the case with Habitat for Humanity. Check it out yourself. We all leave and take and it is fun. Leave it alone. Leave it in the town. There are plenty enough tax dollars stolen form working people and given to most who do not want to work these days don’t you agree? It is proven and getting worse all over America. Second, you are right Concerned. We are a very small town and don’t need new this and new that. Our overhead to support government retirements, health benefits, blown up vacation plans and early retirements is in both town and school entities is getting to the point of no return. And it seems these union backed groups have automatic pay raises, they get there raises et and the rest of the folks do not. Good blog.

Mark Ford
9 years ago

(see photo)…One more and we can trade them for a hotel! ;-)

9 years ago

This is very exciting news and way overdue! I don’t know the details or logistics behind it, but I can tell you as a former Habitat for Humanity employee, it is a great organization that makes good use of every donation.

My father started a Habitat restore in Michigan and the Denver affiliate I worked for now operates three very successful restores that pump money back into the organization to help families in need. This is a great use of household items. Kudos to those behind this effort.

Check out the possibilities:

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