New commuter rail schedule – effective March 10

This morning, the MBTA shared the new improved Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail schedule to be launched on March 10th.

Here are the peak travel inbound and outbound schedules for residents who commute to Boston:

20140227_031014_mbta schedule_inbound

20140227_031014_mbta schedule_outbound

(To see the full schedule, click here.)

In January, some Southborough commuters were excited over announced improvements to the MBTA commuter rail schedule. Frustration followed when construction issues delayed a change and neighboring town complaints derailed the plan.

This month, Representative Dykema (among other legislators) followed up on her promise to ask the MBTA consider her constituent’s needs.  (Click here for that MWDN story.)

Today’s announced schedule  includes some changes from the previous proposal. Still, it appears to include most of the previously promised improvements for our town.

So, what do you think?

Does the new schedule satisfy your needs?

Will this make your life easier?

Will it change your commuting habits?

(Image by Susan Fitzgerald)

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9 years ago

The new schedule is pure comedy. In the evening, if a train rider from SBoro wants to catch an express train home, the last one departs S Station at 5:30 (and Back Bay at 5:36), which means they must leave work by 5:20. Otherwise, they’re stuck on a train that makes 12 stops before SBoro. I’ll be back in my car on the Pike playing my old game of looking for SBoro transfer station stickers on the bumpers of fellow residents’ cars.

9 years ago

If you’re traveling from Sboro to Boston, this is definately worse than initial proposal I think. Don’t have original proposal, but seems like natick and framingham were beneficiaries in ‘version 2’. The mbta had absurd amount of data, created a new schedule, and submitted ideal schedule for both MBTA and passengers. We’ll never know what happened, but mbta and ashland + loses in my view. See you on the pike!

a resident of the borough
9 years ago

Wow, bait and switch again! As I recall the proposed schedule included express trains that actually ran express inbound from Ashland to Yawkey and from Yawkey to Ashland outbound. This is more nonsense from the MBTA, we pay more, get less service. How many trains do the folks in Framingham/Natick need. Enough already. I wish the commuter bus still ran!

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