Southborough Access Media: Increased programming and call for help

Above: Fayville Hall, home to Southborough Access Media (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

In January, Southborough Access Media hired a new director, Katelyn Willis. She is a Southborough resident and Algonquin graduate.

Willis has already expanded and improved the coverage of town meetings. The government channel had been making Board of Selectmen and K-8 School Committee* meetings available online. Now, Willis makes an effort to get them posted the same night, rather than after a few days delay.

This Monday, she broadcast the first televised Planning Board Meeting. She hopes to continue covering that board and expand to other boards as well. She also hopes to start covering other types of community events.

The new director has been making the rounds in town. She’s met with key town employees and community members to discuss how they can help each other.

She recently launched a slideshow promoting the Southborough Senior Center. The presentation is occasionally broadcast on the public access station and is also available online.

Willis has a lot more plans. (You can read about some of them in this interview with the Community Advocate.)

Unfortunately, she can’t do it all herself. So she is asking for volunteers.

If there are government meetings or public events that you would like to help broadcast, please reach out to her.  Call 508-485-8156 or email

You can check out the updated SAM website here.

*Regional and Combined School Committee Meetings are recorded by Northborough Cable Access Television.

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