Teach your kids to be Cybersafe: Pre-order book and save the date

If your child uses the internet, or you are preparing to let them, this upcoming lecture is worth noting.

Trottier Middle School will host a cyber safety expert on Monday, April 7th at 7:00 pm. The intent is to teach parents how to teach their children to “navigate the digital world widely and safely.”

One of the discussions sure to be discussed is cyber bullying. Guest speaker Gwen O’Keefe  is author of CyberSafe: Protecting and Empowering Kids in the Digital World of Texting, Gaming, and Social Media

You can expect O’Keefe to address cyber bullying as one of the dangers children need to be equipped to handle. She writes:

It’s no surprise that as more of life has become digital and online, bullies have gone there too. The problem with online bullies is that they are faceless and often harder to identify and stop than bullies in the off-line realm. The effect, though, is no less significant, especially on children. In fact, online bullying—cyberbullying—is the most common negative situation that can happen in the online space to any of our kids.

What makes cyberbullying so challenging is that kids don’t report it to adults and don’t want to rat out their friends. To add insult to injury, schools uniformly don’t have great strategies for handling it.

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Other topics covered by her book include:

  • Screentime
  • Digital footprints
  • Internet safety tools
  • Online gaming and virtual worlds

As a fundraiser, SOS is offering parents the opportunity to purchase the book in advance.

Pre-order your copy of the book CyberSafe for $15.00 (a $1.95 savings).  Email your order to safdar.medina@gmail.com by Friday, March 21st.

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