Video: A walk through of the Main Street reconstruction project

At the Board of Selectmen’s public discussion on the Main Street reconstruction project, a resident suggested that the Department of Public Works create a video. His idea was for DPW Director Karen Galligan to literally walk through the project on Southborough streets.

Galligan loved the idea. She solicited help from Southborough Access Media to produce the video above.

Instead of trying to interpret written plans, you can look at video of the current streets, sidewalks, stonewalls and trees effected by the plan.

In the video, Galligan points out changes under the 25% complete design plan. She explains reasoning and describes where decisions still need to be refined (like possible bump outs to protect specific trees).

The presentation is 36 minutes long, so you’ll need to set aside some time to take a full look. (I haven’t had the time yet, myself!)

Any questions you still have on the project you can bring to the DPW’s April 2nd public meeting, 7:00 pm at the Southborough Senior Center.

To look at the DPW’s posted plans and documents related to the project, click here.

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Frank Crowell
10 years ago

After looking at the video two things come to mind

– The project is long overdue.

– Town character is not changed.

Fire up the backhoes – let’s light this candle.

10 years ago

I watched the video in its entirety. Thank you very much as it was very helpful and useful. Having visuals and discussion about a piece while looking at it really gives you a good sense. It seems to me that the benefits far outweigh any detriments based on this. Actually, I think having the sidewalks with the granite edging will be a huge improvement. The video drove home to me how rather unattractive much of the area is.

10 years ago
Reply to  sl

You’re looking at it in winter. Of course it’s not very attractive! Clever not to film this in the spring. The DPW still hasn’t convinced me this is necessary. It’s not going to make Southborough a walkable town. The scope of the project is too big given the population of the town. There whole 30/85 intersection is over the top ridiculous.

Frank Crowell
10 years ago
Reply to  JMO

“Clever not to film this in the spring.”

Posted on Youtube March 23. Probably shot within 24 hours of posting. Technically spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

My guess is that this could have been shot by a Hollywood production crew in late spring and there would still be a lot of dissent on this board which may or may not be a majority.

10 years ago

I totally agree that we need work done, however I am a little concerned how large the new intersection at 85 and Main Street will be. I’m hoping it’s not going to look like a highway interchange. I am also concerned at the number of trees that will be lost. I think all of the trees that will be removed should have ribbons on them so the people in town can actually see what is going to be removed before it happens.
I am also still hopeful that we can revisit pulling all of the telephone poles and burying the wires. I know it is a huge expense, but believe now is the time to do it.

10 years ago

This seems like a complex project, which requires careful thought.

10 years ago

Thank you Karen for a very thorough description of the project. I agree that seeing this video helped and also highlighted the disrepair and some problems, such as drainage all along the route. I feel better about voting for the plan now.
My only concerns were 1. perhaps too much parking along the road now, and 2. the sidewalk to Woodward? I have only seen student golfers taking that route. Could we not leave the trees and create an attractive path through the Community House yard? Something less formal that city concrete etc. I am more concerned that the new curb in front of the Community House will take away parking for events there.

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