Is Xfinity coming to town?

Above: If a proposed deal between cable giants goes through, Southborough’s cable provider will be handing us off to Comcast. (Photo posted to Flickr by hoot2012)

A reader pointed out a national business story that that will have local impact. Currently, Southborough residents’ cable tv access is limited to Charter Communications and Verizon Fios. A new deal is looking to change one of those names.

Charter customers may want to pay attention to the deal in the works with Comcast. If it’s approved, Charter will trade off New England customers (among others) to Comcast. The New York Times reported on Sunday:

the two companies would swap about 1.6 million subscribers, allowing each company to serve more adjacent subscribers. Comcast would acquire Charter’s customers in Los Angeles, New England, the South and the Northwest, while Charter would pick up some of Comcast’s subscribers in the Midwest.

I couldn’t find any timeframe announced, but wouldn’t expect the change to happen overnight:

The deals are contingent on Comcast’s completing its acquisition of Time Warner Cable and receiving all the necessary regulatory approvals.

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