Sombrero wearing train surfer arrested in Southborough

This is one of those stories that you know isn’t really newsworthy. But out-of-town media have picked it up, and it does capture the imagination. So. . .

This weekend, a little early Cinqo de Mayo celebrating seems to have gotten out of hand for one commuter rail rider. After imbibing at a Boston pub crawl this Saturday, a man is accused of “surfing” the Worcester bound train.

The Worcester man, sporting a sombrero and poncho, was arrested at the Southborough MBTA station. MassLive reports:

According to a MBTA Transit Police report, the unidentified 28-year-old man was detained by Southborough and Ashland police when the train’s engineer stopped the train at 9:45 p.m. between the two towns after being told that someone was on top of the train. At the time, the train was traveling 40 miles per hour.

The engineer told police that after climbing to the top of the engine, he saw that the “man’s body was half over the top rung of the ladder, ‘like a child clinging over a shopping cart.'”

“The engineer said the man climbed down on his own power and was brought to Southborough MBTA Station where the police removed him,” according to the report.

Transit police have not identified the man, who was wearing a sombrero and poncho when he told municipal and MBTA officers that he had been drinking with friends in Boston since 3 p.m. that afternoon.

To read the full story, click here.

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jim foley
9 years ago

Since that bandito came to town I cant find my Frito corn chips.

Tessa Stephens
9 years ago

Aye yi yi! Well said!

9 years ago

Teen Wolf style

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