Letter: Thank you from Paul Cimino

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To the Editor:

First and foremost, my appreciation goes to all of the candidates on yesterday’s ballot for every office, contested and uncontested. Clearly it takes some mettle to put yourself in the public eye, and all candidates deserve to be recognized for that.

I especially appreciate those who ran in contested races — the willingness to stand up and be counted (literally) is just not something most are willing to do. As citizens we all should be very grateful that there were multiple excellent candidates in all contested races yesterday. By definition, there were some excellent people who did not win.

I want to sincerely thank the voters who supported my candidacy — your trust is something I will not take for granted. To all citizens of Southborough, you can be assured that I take very seriously the oath to serve the public to the best of my ability, and that that commitment will not waver. I welcome all manner of thoughtful feedback over the next three years; indeed I am counting on it.


Paul Cimino

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