Perfect outings rain or shine: Library museum and park passes

Above: Boston Children’s Museum (left) and Tower Hill Botanic Garden (right) are two of the many venues the library offers discounted passes to.

It’s a great time of year to plan some fun outings. So, I thought I’d update and re-run a post from last year to remind you about the library’s pass program.

One of the most underutilized great resources our town offers is the Southborough Library’s 11 museum and park discount passes.

Passes cover a variety of museums for all age groups. There are also passes for enjoying MA State Parks, gardens and wildlife.

I love the fact that they have something to offer for any weather.

You can find details and reserve passes through the museum pass page on the library’s website.

There you can find the link to their “Museum Passes at a Glance” grid.  This lists each venue’s description, discount, distance from Southborough, parking and other details.

Another link allows you to reserve the passes online, or you can make reservations by calling 508-485-5031. (Please note that some passes need to be returned by 10am the following morning.)

For fun, I’ve posted a gallery of photos to show the diversity of pass offerings (click on images below to open):


(Children’s Museum photo by Joao Melo)

(Tower Hill Botanic Garden photo from Flickr by MA Office of Travel & Tourism)

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9 years ago

Park Passes can be borrowed from the Recreation Dept. We have two on hand, a one day pass and another for two or more days.

Southborough Gardener
8 years ago

I would like to add that passes for admission to Tower Hill Botanic Garden are given every year by the Southborough Gardeners as part of our Community Outreach/Education program. The mission of the Southborough Gardeners is ” to educate and promote active interest in gardening, horticulture, floral design, conservation, and beautification of home and civic landscapes.”

We also donate a book every year to the library’s collection on a topic relating to this mission.

For more information on our club and on membership in our club please follow this link or click on my name above.

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