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Today, the Southborough Police Department’s Facebook page reached 1,000 likes. The timing is right for announcing a related page I just added to the website yesterday.

I can’t cover all the news as soon as it happens. But there are a lot of other helpful sources, especially in an emergency.

The page also includes links for other local media that cover news and features for our town.

In the future, to locate links quickly, select from the menu pictured below.

other news sources (500x175)

Here’s a quick look at the emergency/urgent news links:

Emergency Alerts/Official news and updates

  • CodeRed phone and text alerts by the town: (Your house phone line should automatically be included in alerts. But to add your mobile phone or texting, you need to register.)
  • Town of Southborough Updates: Twitter from our local government (@17Common) – It’s not generally used for emergencies. But it is used to announce town office closings and DPW news.
  • Southborough Police Facebook page
  • (Facebook): The editor sometimes shares breaking news on local emergencies (fires, road closures, power outages, etc.) 
  • Of course, don’t forget that I also have a twitter account and Facebook page.


  • Power Outage map: National Grid (Report power outages: 800-322-3223)
  • Weather updates: National Weather Service, Boston – Facebook page

Commuter Updates

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