Boston Globe: Algonquin graduate plans (last year)

Above: If trends from last year are an indicator, these 2014 Algonquin grads are probably college bound this fall. (Photo by Chris Wraight)

Wondering where all the Algonquin grads are headed this year?

Me, too. But it looks like this kind of data comes out a year behind.

So, here is this week’s news from the Boston Globe on Algonquin’s Class of 2013 post grad plans. (You could think of it as, where are they now?)

Only 3% (11 students) planned to directly enter the workforce.

2 students planned to enter the military.*

About 95% were college bound:

  • Almost 90% of grads were headed to 4 year institutions (50.6% private, 39.3% public)
  • 4.8% were headed to 2 year institutions
  • Another .8% (3 students) designated “other post secondary” education

3 students were “other” or “unaccounted”.

For the Globe’s full story, click here.

*Military enrollment appears consistent with this year’s class. Four students from Class of 2014 graduation were acknowledged for entering military service. But two of those were first entering ROTC programs at college.

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A Parent
10 years ago

Does anyone know which colleges do the graduates go to? e.g., top three most popular colleges are Boston University (8%), etc. Why are these data are so hard to find?

10 years ago

When my son graduated a few years ago, the final edition of the year of the Algonquin newspaper listed each senior and their post high school plans.

Betsy Rosenbloom
10 years ago
Reply to  Trixie

Yes, get a copy of the “Seniors 2014” edition of the Algonquin Harbinger (June 8, 2014). It lists the graduates and colleges they are planning to attend.

Betsy Rosenbloom
10 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

If you subscribe, they mail it to you. I don’t know if they mail single copies. Here’s the email address:

10 years ago

Trixie is correct; this info can be found in the Harbinger, which was handed out at graduation last Sunday.

ARHS Class of 2014 top college choices are:

U Mass Amherst – 39 students
UNH – 14 students
Worcester State – 11 students
Framingham State – 10 students
Keene State – 10 students
Penn State – 8 students
Quinsigamond Community College – 7 students
U Conn – 7 students
Northeastern – 7 students
URI – 7 students
University of Delaware – 7 students

Hope this answers your question.

A Parent
10 years ago
Reply to  Kate

Thank you Kate! This is very helpful.

A Parent
10 years ago
Reply to  Kate

I added all the most popular colleges you have listed here and got 127 students. Assuming we had 400+ graduates then these numbers were < 1/3. Do you know how many graduates went to TOP colleges? Ivy, MIT, Stanford, etc. I am hoping to get a sense where do top 5-10% kids from ARHS go? [researching for private HS these days such as Andover.] Really appreciate it!

Betsy Rosenbloom
10 years ago
Reply to  A Parent

“A Parent” – just a suggestion – if you want to know how well Algonquin students do getting accepted at certain colleges, ask the Guidance Department to share “Acceptance” data (if it’s available). Don’t look strictly at where students matriculate. With the crushing cost of college, many students cannot afford “top ranked” colleges and are choosing less expensive options, like public universities or private schools that offer them more scholarship money.

A Parent
10 years ago

Thank you Betsy!

10 years ago

More should join the military. Serve their country, great expereience, a lifetime of stories, be a part of something far bigger than self and best of all, no loans.

10 years ago
Reply to  Publius

US Army….Best time of my life!!!

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