“Herptiles” discovered at Beals Preserve

Above: SOLF volunteers have found  a number of  reptiles and amphibian at the Beals Preserve as part of its  study that began in March and will continue through September. (Photo from SOLF website)

In March, Southborough Open Land Foundation (SOLF) set out to discover which reptiles and amphibians (aka herps) are living in Beals Preserve. An update on the study reveals that seven frog species, four salamander species, turtles, and garter snakes have been identified.

SOLF reports that, “Reptiles have been more rare so far . . . with 12% of 24 species observed including the more cosmopolitan Painted and Snapping turtles and Garter Snakes . . . July should provide more wonderful examples of local reptiles…(read more)”

More than half of the 23 salamander species in Massachusetts have been identified at the preserve.

SOLF member Lawrence Spezzano and local volunteers have been collecting data three times a day and will continue until September. Volunteers are still needed.

If you are interested in helping explore the “herptiles” at Beals Preserve, contact the Southborough Open Land Foundation here.

Beals Preserve is 56 acres gifted to the SOLF by the Beals Family. Access is off of Main Street, Red Gate Lane, Hickory Road, or the Sudbury Reservoir Trail.

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I'm just sayin'
9 years ago

I believe the Beals land was purchased by the town, not gifted…I have a vague recollection that the price was $1,000,000.00. It was then given to SOLF.

9 years ago

To set the record straight, the town did not purchase Beals Preserve for $1,000,000 or for any other amount of money. The town purchased the Ccnservation Restriction on the Chestnut Hill Farm parcel on the north side of Main St., not the parcel that makes up Beals Preserve. Phil Beals bequeathed his half of Beals Preserve to SOLF upon his death in 2008. Elaine Beals gifted her half ownership in the parcel to SOLF in 2012. A Conservation Restriction was placed on the land constituting Beals Preserve by the Beals in 2006. The Conservation Restriction is held by Sudbury Vlalley Trustees. The town does not own Beals Preserve, although SOLF certainly welcomes the use of the land for walking and other passive recreation by townspeople.

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