Calling all photographers: Send in your foliage pics

Above: Breakneck Hill conservation land. Click here for enlarged photo. (Photo posted to Flickr by Sean)

The beautiful picture above was purportedly taken just last Thursday in Southborough. It’s hard to believe when I look around town this week.

I see orange and red leafs popping all around us. I keep driving by beautiful scenes. But I’m either without my camera or unable to pull over!

Of course, the past couple days haven’t been ideal break out the camera. But maybe some of you already did before the drizzle hit. Or maybe you’ll feel inspired when the skies clear (hopefully, tomorrow).

So, if you have or get some beautiful shots of Southborough foliage, please send them in to (I’d also love contributions for sports posts or any events around town. So feel free to email me anytime.)

In the meantime, here’s a link to shots readers shared last year.

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