BOS encouraging economic development

Southborough Wicked Local reports on two items of business at last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting. Both relate to the board’s desire to strengthen the town’s economic development.

The board granted a permit change to the local Volvo dealership, bought out by an international group. In the meeting, selectmen urged the business to stay rooted in Southborough as it grows. (Click here for the full story.)

The other item was a vote to expand the Economic Development Committee.

Last month, the BOS had a difficult time selecting who to appoint to two vacancies on the EDC. There was strong support for three of the candidate.

The board unanimously supported the Assistant Head of St. Mark’s School, Michael Wirtz. (Wirtz was recruited by EDC Chair, Dave McCay, since the board believed a presence from St. Mark’s was important.)

Selectmen were torn over choosing between Claire Reynolds and Thomas Moschos.

McCay recommended Moschos, an Assistant VP at Commerce Bank with a background in commercial lending. The board agreed that his commercial financing knowledge would be helpful in talks with businesses looking to move to or expand in town.

Meanwhile, some also liked Reynolds perspective and passion in speaking about the steps EDC needs to take moving forward. Reynolds has already been actively participating at EDC’s public meetings.

At that time, Selectman John Rooney suggested adding another spot to the board. Selectman Bill Boland argued that they had recently worked through the board composition and decided on seven for a reason.

Mid-discussion, Reynolds told the board she wanted to withdraw her name. The candidate said she would continue to attend meetings. But she claimed she wasn’t wanted by the EDC. If she joined the committee, she would be a “lone wolf”. 

Just three weeks prior, Reynolds urged the BOS to reject EDC’s request to contract development of a new website. Reynolds explained that she volunteered to create one for free. Instead, Selectmen unanimously supported the EDC request to use their budgeted funds.

Rooney persuaded Reynolds not to withdraw her candidacy. He argued that a different perspective is important.

Reynolds was voted in by four selectmen. She was opposed by Selectman Dan Kolenda who serves as the BOS’ representative on EDC. Kolenda didn’t argue against Reynolds appointment. But he did endorse the value Moschos would bring to the table.

According to SWL, the board has now added another position and appointed Moschos. Boland explained that an additional member won’t change the quorum.

It was concerns over quorum that recently caused selectmen to reduce the size of the board.

For SWL’s coverage of last night’s meeting, click here.

Updated (4/8/15 12:58 pm): Fixed misspelling of David McCay’s last name. Sorry!

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Frank Crowell
9 years ago

We should have an educational non-profit exec on the board. It is the only employer in town that has expanded in the last five years with the exception of the Harvard Primate Center.

9 years ago

Farrell Volvo sold .”The new owners are from multiple countries, but with David House at the helm locally, selectmen believe the new dealership will pull its weight in the community”

Would the selectmen like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn, believe it is for sale.

David House lives in CA. Two of the owners live in Russia…… thats pulling weight in our community.


9 years ago

Yet another BOS embarrassment. 1st they VOTE to lower the EDC from 9 to 7, then someone has a buddy who wants on, now it’s up to 8. A 4-4 recommendation on any decision’s to the board hardly seems like a worthwhile use of any ones time. Why is a “presence” of St. Mark’s so desirable? The pittance they pay to the town is gobbled up many times over by the F.D.’s response to burnt popcorn and skinned knees. Their only contribution to the town is a semi-wealthy pizza shop owner and a esthetically pleasing campus. I cannot believe the BOS turned down the offer of a free web-site from Ms. Reynolds, instead deciding to spend tax-payers money to an out of town outfit. If they don’t like her presentation, then ship it out, but I highly doubt she would offer if she couldn’t produce the goods. One would think the Town Administrator would jump into this to save the town some money. Good luck in the future Ms. Reynolds, I appreciate your enthusiasm for the betterment of our town, I only wish there were more like you, and trust me, you are not a “Lone Wolf” in the big picture…

9 years ago

Beth, please don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Mr Moschos’ knowledge will be valuable to the town, and I thank him for his time and energy. However, my point is, if the committee is voted to be limited to 7 people and you, I or my neighbor’s had advocated for a slot on that committee we would have been dissed away because all 7 seats were filled. Of course I wish him and us well, but why does the BOS vote on anything when they can just change the rules in mid-game. I’m pretty sure Mr. McKay didn’t flip thru the phone book, put his finger down and come up with Mr. Moschos’ name, so he must be a friend, (buddy). When you vote on something, stick to it…

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