Park Central Use Variance Permit postponed to December 3

The Zoning Board of Appeals was slated to hold a public hearing on a controversial Use Variance Permit last night. The meeting took under two minutes.

Chair Leo Bartolini shared that applicant Capital Group Properties asked for a posteponement. The board moved to continue the hearing to 7:10 pm on December 3rd.

The permit for townhouses at Park Central is linked to an even more controversial proposed 40B project at site. That permit is scheduled for 7:00 pm on the same night.

Bartolini said that upon opening the 40B hearing, they will move to continue it to the end of the agenda that evening. That way they can still resolve the Use Variance Permit before making a decision on the 40B.

Since the announcement was made to an empty room, presumably concerned neighbors were notified of the postponement in advance.

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