Seeking veterans to share life lessons on camera

Above: Southborough Access Media videographers are seeking new subjects for film – veterans with life lessons to share. (Photo from SAM Facebook page)

Southborough Access Media is extending an invitation to veterans to take part in a new initiative.

The cable station is launching a video project called “Southborough Veterans: Lessons in Local Life and Paying it Forward.”

S.A.M. will interview local veterans who have served in past and current wars, conflicts and battles. Interviews will focus on:

discussing their training in the military and how they have brought those leadership skills back to the community.

The finished work will be shared with the community via cable stations and their website. It will also be distributed to schools and organizations, as requested.

The project is funded by a recent grant from the Southborough Community Fund.

Any interested veterans that would like to contribute, can reach out to Katelyn Willis or Terry Newman at 508-485-8156 or email

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