A mishmosh of town news: No Special Town Meeting, teacher suing district, Town Clerk interview

I’m rushing to get ready for Christmas.

Normally, I try to organize news roundups by topic. But today, it’s just a hodgepodge of stories that popped up I want to share before I sign off to enjoy Christmas.

(I’ll still be posting after this – but the upcoming stories were pre-written and scheduled.)

So, sorry for the mishmosh below. But I’m too rushed to make it pretty!

Southborough Wicked Local reports that a Northborough teacher is suing our school district. Click here for that article.

12/16 BOS Meeting – clarification on budgets:

I just updated my story from last week. I finally got around to checking on a complaint in the comments.

As the reader noted, there were some mistakes in SWL’s quotes. Really, the only significant one I found was that a reference to lower student numbers was specifically referring to Southborough students enrolled at Assabet, not the district.

There was an interesting detail missing from the SWL article. See the item below.

The Board of Selectmen agreed that a Special Town Meeting won’t be held on the Burnett House.

Instead the article will wait for Annual Town Meeting in April. (That was qualified as “at this point”.) 

There was no vote, since technically it wasn’t a cancellation. Instead it was agreement that there is no need to vote on a Special Town Meeting. Selectmen wanted to make sure everything was in proper order and weren’t confident of being ready for January. And they agreed that holding a Special Town Meeting within two months of Annual Town Meeting didn’t make sense.

You can read more about that and other details from the 12/16 meeting in the Town’s press release.

SWL interviewed outgoing Town Clerk Paul Berry. See the article here.


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