What the Fire Department’s been up to: Retirement, intel, fundraising, rescuing a man from a roof, and extinguishing a blaze


Left: Southborough fire fighters put out this large, fast moving outdoor fire last month. (Photos here and below are from SFD’s Facebook page)

The Southborough Fire Department logs still are still on hold.*

Luckily, the department has continued making use of its Facebook page.

Seeing their news on a big retirement made me realize that it’s been far too long since I shared their posts.

Here are just some of their updates since my last share in October.

Retirement of Captain Joseph Hubley (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)Retirement of Captain Joseph Hubley – December 22 (click photo to enlarge)

After 37 years of department service 29 of them full time, Captain Joseph Hubley is working his last shift. . .

Several on and off duty firefighters and police officers gathered this morning for breakfast at the end of Capt. Hubley’s last shift. Following breakfast, Engine 22 escorted the captain home. (see more)

Santa visit to SFD & families (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)

Santa visit – December 14 (click photo to enlarge)

Santa came to visit the firefighters of Southborough and their kids today. He visits us every year, thanks Santa! (see more)

Roof rescue – December 3 (click photo to enlarge)

Group 4 on duty, Mutual Aid response to Ashland for a man stuck on a roof.Roof rescue (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)

Everyone is on the ground and safe. (see more)

Intel gathering – December 4

You may see our duty crew in your neighborhood for the next few months. We will be gathering information on homes and businesses to enter into our new reporting system. This will make our responses more efficient and have access to building and hydrant information while responding. Thank you for your patience.

New website – November 24

Our website is now reformatted and up and running again thanks for the help from our friend John Del Rios. It is very basic right now but we will be working to add more in the near future. John has been a great asset to us as we move forward in our web technology.

Check it out. http://www.southboroughfd.org/

Fundraising – November 24

Last year, the SFA shut down it’s fundraising by phone campaign. (They were unhappy with purportedly shady tactics by the fundraising firm.) This year, they are trying a”less invasive approach” through the mail:

Attention Southborough residents. We’d like to inform you about our fundraiser for the Southborough Permanent Firefighters Association. In past years we had a company assist with helping raise money over the phone. This year we are taking a less invasive approach by sending out a mailer and a voluntary donation request. This donation is for several areas. We use the funds to help with our scholarships we give out to graduating seniors, youth sporting events, as well as our relief fund which helps our firefighters if they should become injured or ill.

This mailer is a legitimate fundraiser and you should see it within the next few days in your mail.

Rapidly moving outdoor fire (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)Extinguishing rapid fire – November 16  (click photo to enlarge)

Group 3 on duty today. Engine 22 and brush 24 along with command car 30 responded for an outdoor smoke investigation. Three lines stretched on arrival for quick knockdown of a large, fast moving outdoor fire impinging on several structures. Credit to some local southborough residents for the photos!  (see more)

Police & Fire rivalry/revelry (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)Police & Fire rivalry/revelry – November 8 (click photo to enlarge)

Today, off duty members of the Southborough Police and Fire Depts had a friendly rivalry game of paint ball. We pride ourselves in our relationship with our brother and sisters in public safety. It’s days like this that help build a team atmosphere. It’s also a good way to forget about the stress that comes with our jobs.  (see more)

Paramedic certification (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)Paramedic certification  – November 8 (click photo to enlarge)

Congratulations to Eoin Bohnert for passing his Paramedic certification! Eoin (Owen) was hired last spring and has proven to be a great asset to our team. His sharp, “outside the box” thinking will give him much success in his career.

New vehicle in progress – October 27 (click photo to enlarge)

New vehicle in progress (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)Progress is being made on the new vehicle that was approved at the April Town Meeting. The work is being done by Minuteman/Fire One with a completion time of late December/early January. The vehicle is being built to replace the current brush fire (B-24) and rescue (R-25) trucks.  (see more)

Clean up after 10/19 house fire on Parmenter Road – October 24 (click photo to enlarge)

Clean up after 10/19 house fire on Parmenter Road (Photo from Southborough Fire Department's Facebook page)Putting a fire out is only half the work at a scene for firefighters. Picking up and getting back in-service is long exhausting work also. This is a lot of hose.  (see more)

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