Letter: Brian Shea running for Selectman

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To the Editor:

Thank you for the service that you provide to our community through this website, and also for the opportunity to submit this letter to offer my thoughts to the Town’s voters.

Two years ago Southborough embraced change at the Board of Selectmen level by voting to expand membership on the Board from 3 to 5. I at first questioned this move, given the challenges we were experiencing with many uncontested elections. Through information shared at the public meetings held to discuss this change, I came to believe that this was a move that Southborough needed to make, so our Town could benefit from the ideas and concepts from more individuals than just a group of 3.

I was frustrated that this bylaw didn’t pass originally, so I volunteered to be on the strong Town Administrator Bylaw Committee. The following April and May, I joined the voters not only at Town Meeting but at the ballot box as well, in overwhelmingly supporting the measure.

Last year I was frustrated with the stalemate that had become the Main Street project. Misinformation was clouding the clear benefits that this project has to improving the aesthetics and functionality of the center of our town. I volunteered to be on the Main Street Design Working Group. That group was tasked by the Board of Selectmen with meeting an aggressive design review schedule, and in response we held an unprecedented number of committee meetings in May and June of 2014. From the date of our kickoff meeting to the date of the MA DOT hearing date, our group held meetings on 14 out of 25 potential meeting days. I am proud that the project design is again advancing and the efforts of the Working Group helped build community consensus behind the project. 

This marks just the second year that we have held an election for one of the 5 Board seats, and Southborough again has an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective and expand the ideas that are debated and discussed at the highest level of our Town government. I welcome that challenge. Through my involvement with the above mentioned committees and the Advisory Committee, I have demonstrated that I am ready for the challenge, and that I have an excellent record of working diligently and cooperatively to effect change. I ask for your support to make that change happen.

After weeks of greeting friends, neighbors, and new acquaintances at the Transfer Station, and reaching out to others through numerous phone calls and emails, Election Day is now fast approaching. I would be honored to have your vote for Selectman on Monday, May 11. Please feel welcome to contact me directly with comments, questions, or ideas at bshea1772@gmail.com


Brian Shea

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Claire Reynolds
9 years ago

For the past year, Brian has chaired the Advisory committee. As a former Advisory member, I know first-hand of the tremendous amount of work which is done by this committee. One of the issues they have dealt with for many years is the Stabilization fund balance and its effect on the Town’s bond rating. As announced earlier this week, Southborough now has a AAA rating. This rating upgrade was not the work of one person or committee, it is the result of several teams working together. The Stabilization fund balance that the town has, combined with a team committed to fiscal management and responsibility together helped convince S&P to grant Southborough its highest possible municipal bond rating.

Brian has continued the leadership of the Advisory committee with special focus on including all boards and committees, as seen at Town Meeting. That is what makes local government work best for the taxpayers.

A link to the Town’s press release on the bond achievement is below:


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