Police respond to “minor” road rage incident at Woodward School; Students never “in harms way”

Students of Finn and Woodward elementary schools witnessed a road rage confrontation that required police intervention this morning.

Principal James Randell notified parents via e-mail about a “minor incident” involving the buses this morning. The message warns parents that they may hear about an incident that involved the buses and police cruisers. He assured that children weren’t endangered.

Chief Kenneth Paulhus responded to my request for more details:

The situation involved a traffic confrontation which originated on Main St. The driver decided to follow the bus into the school lot and confront the driver with his concern. He was warned that his action was inappropriate and was cleared from the area. He is not associated with the school. The incident did not amount to any type of criminal violation.

Randall’s message explains that police handled the situation quickly and students were removed from the scene:

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I want to inform you of a minor incident that occurred this morning during bus arrival at Woodward School. A man approached one of our buses, upset, and proceeded to shout at one of the drivers through the driver’s side window. Police were notified and quickly handled the situation. At no time were the students in harms way, as they were removed from the bus and brought into the school. The Finn students on Bus 8 were placed on another bus and brought to the Finn School. Since several buses were in the driveway and students may have seen the police cruisers, I thought it was important to inform all parents. As always, I appreciate your support.


James B. Randell, Principal

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