SouthboroughBelties: Cows on the hill for the summer

Above: Breakneck Hill cows headed over to the hill last month. (Photos from

Don’t get over excited. I don’t have any breaking news on the cow front. But there’s a happy bit of news I missed last month.

The forecast for the next few days beckons us to head outdoors. So it’s a good time to plan a hike at Breakneck Hill and see some old friends.

In mid-May, the famous Belties moved to the hill for the summer. The farm’s blog posted:

The Belted Galloway (and occasional Milking Devon) herd made their way across to the Breakneck Hill Conservation land today. The herd is smaller (and possibly less musically inclined) than in past years, but for today it was nice to see the herd as excited as ever to get back to their summer home.

Stop by and visit the Belties on Breakneck Hill Road sometime. They are one of many attractions on this beautiful piece of land.

As for the future fate of the herd, the last information I have is this story from April. At that time, the Breakneck Hill Cow Fund made it clear that to maintain the herd they were going to need more support from the community.

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