Your favorite places: To pick summer fruit

Above: Strawberries are ripe for harvesting in our area. (Photo posted to Flickr by jronaldlee)

This is the latest in an ongoing series in which readers are invited to share their favorite spots in and around Southborough. For more in the series, click here.

We’ve talked about picking apples and pumpkins, but I’m not sure we’ve explored summer fruit.

Strawberry season is here. Cherries, blueberries and peaches will be just around the corner. So for those of you who enjoy the “pick your own” experience, where do you like to go?

When you go, are you there just for the pickings? Or do you like more of an “experience” – hay rides, activities for the kids, fresh baked pies?

Which area farms best fit your needs? Share your favorites and why you love them in the comments.

(And if you have different favorites for different fruits, that’s fine, too.)

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8 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Tougas is great for a bigger outing, since they have the playground, goats, etc. For a lot of the picking you have to take a wagon ride out to the appropriate field. This is where we like to go for peaches, or if we want to spend more time on the trip.

Harvey’s in westborough is smaller, and great for a quicker outing. The blueberries are right near the farmstand/parking lot, so you can be picking just a few minutes after getting out of your car. They also have a few animals to feed, although that part is much smaller than Tougas. The shop there is nice too. This is where we mostly go for blueberries.

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