Mime time at the library – August 13 (updated)

Above: The not-so-silent mime will “create a new hero” with help from children at the library next week. (Image posted to Robert Rivest’s Facebook page)

I always thought mimes had to be silent. That’s before I witnessed comic mime Robert Rivest yucking it up with kids at the library a couple of years ago.

Rivest doesn’t look like a typical mime, but he certainly uses pantomime skills to entertain.

Next week, Rivest will return to the library. His scheduled program centers around the Summer Reading theme “Every Story has a Hero”

The comic mime hopes to inspire children to laugh. He promises to:

[lead] family audiences on a fun, upbeat journey of everyday heroes, super heroes and heroes from Greek mythology and popular books. This exciting program is highly participatory. Everyone gets the opportunity to learn mime, act out their favorite hero, and help Robert create a new hero and story on the spot. Pure fun at your library.

The show takes place on Thursday, August 13 at 2:00 pm in the upstairs main room.

The program is free and open to the public. No registration required.

Updated (8/12/15 2:00pm): My apologies, I got the date wrong for the mine. He is appearing on Thursday!

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