Safe “transaction zone” opened in police parking lot

Right: The public safety complex parking lot is now the town’s Internet Transaction Safety Zone (Image from Facebook, click here to enlarge)

Have you ever wanted to sell something on Craig’s list but been nervous about having strangers at your home?

Or maybe you wanted to buy something from an online yard sale, but didn’t want to risk going to an unknown address.

Southborough Police have announced a solution for the community. They’ve opened a new safe zone in their parking lot for community use.

The intent is to allow people to safely conduct transactions arranged over the internet (e.g., selling/purchasing items through Craig’s list or online yard sales). I assume these are limited to legal transactions!

In addition to being a safe, well lit area, it’s a quick trot over to the dispatch desk if you think you just got ripped off.

The department publicly issued a statement through their Facebook page and website with the details:

Internet Transaction Safety Zone

The Southborough Police Department would like to announce the establishment of an Internet Transaction Safety Zone in the Public Safety Complex Parking Lot (see photo [above]) as part of our ongoing commitment to community safety.

Our goal is to reduce the chance of being the victim of a criminal act involving an internet sales transaction on popular sites such as Craigslist or Online Yard Sale. The Police Station is open 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. The lot is well lighted and monitored through video surveillance with one dedicated entrance/exit route. Officers will only intervene if the transaction becomes disorderly or becomes a criminal matter. The public can check in at the dispatch desk if needed.

Parking can be accessed in any open marked space in the rear lot between the Police and Fire Station. All citizens are encouraged to take advantage of the Internet Transaction Safety Zone.

The exact address is 19 Main Street in the Public Safety Complex. A map of the lot and further information can also be found on our Facebook page.

Thank you.” – Chief Kenneth M. Paulhus

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Eileen Samberg
7 years ago

Thanks. Was away around the time it was announced here, so I totally missed it.

Hopefully my missing it will help others who missed it as well!


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