Cub Scouts kick off annual holiday wreath and candle sale

Above: If you haven’t already, you may soon be seeing one of these faces at your door.  Cub Scouts are in the midst of this year’s wreath and candle sale. (Photo by Beth Melo)

It may seem too soon to think about it, but the holidays will be on us before you know it. Southborough Cub Scouts from both town packs are already in the midst of their annual holiday fundraiser.

The scouts have divvied up their streets for door-to-door sales of Christmas wreaths and Hanukkah candles. Some have already started knocking on doors. Others will soon.

Here’s what they’re pitching:

Cub Scout Annual Holiday Sale – Between now and Sunday November 15th, Southborough cub scouts will be going door-to-door to sell evergreen wreaths and Hanukkah candles.

The price will remain at $12 each as in years past. Deliveries will be made during the week of Thanksgiving.

The holiday sale is the only pack-wide event to fund cub scout programming throughout the year.

The cub scouts would like to thank the community in advance for their support.

For those of you who aren’t interested in a wreath or candles, you can always support the scouts by making a donation to their troop instead.

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