Kindergroup alumni: Submit your recipes

Right: Kindergroup Alum are being asked to pull out their old favorite recipes (Image posted to flickr by Phil Roeder)

Alumni of Southborough Kindergroup,

Is there a dish that people are always asking you for the recipe for?

Do you have a favorite go-to meal for weekday dinners. Or maybe your favorite recipe is perfect for special occasions.

Consider sharing your knowledge with the community while supporting a group that was once a big part of your family’s life.

Southborough Kindergroup is putting together a special cookbook to sell as a fundraiser. They are reaching out to members and alumni for their best recipes.

(Of course, they are also collecting from members. But I assume members are already well aware of the project!)

The deadline for submission is tomorrow (Friday, November 20th), so get them in quickly. (They may extend the deadline for those of you just getting this news. Just give them a heads up you are working on it!)

You can either email your recipes to Leslie Leedberg (, or contact her for the login information to upload your recipes directly to their cookbook’s website.

Their goal is to collect 75 recipes and they are encouraging people to submit more than one. Here are the details:

Hello Kindergroup members and alumni!

This year we are happy to announce that Kindergroup is putting together a cookbook! I would like to invite you all to submit your favorite recipes to be included (with your name credited of course!). Our recipe categories include appetizers, vegetables and sides, kid-friendly meals, main dishes, slow cooker recipes, desserts, as well as your favorite drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)!! This is a fundraiser, and the cookbook will be available for purchase by members, alumni, friends, and the community. It will also be sold at many of our Kindergroup events.

You may submit your recipes in a couple of different ways.
If you already have it on your computer, you can just forward it to me as a document in Word, Pages, PDF, etc.
You can also submit your recipe online by going to There you can easily type in your recipe and the format will be taken care of for you. To submit online, please use [the user name and password]*

Whichever format you use to submit, please make sure to TRIPLE-CHECK your entry for possible mistakes or discrepancies.

A few disclaimers:

  • You may submit multiple recipes, and I will try to include all of them.
  • If there are similar recipes submitted, I will choose the first one submitted (or decide if one is simpler to follow than the rest)
  • If sending recipes to me, you must type out your recipe in a way that I can copy and paste the contents. Do NOT send links to websites.
  • We strive to make the cookbook accessible for everyone, so if you know your recipe is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, other food allergen-free, etc. please make a note of it at the bottom of your recipe.

Finally, we are looking for a fun, interesting title for the cookbook!! Please send me your title ideas. If your title is the one chosen to use, you will receive your cookbook for FREE!!

Recipe submissions are due by FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20th.

*I don’t want to just publish the password for spammers and trolls. So I decided to ask you to email Leslie for it instead!

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