Missing cat from Ledge Hill Road (Updated)

A reader is asking for help locating two missing cats a missing cat.

Two cats got out of their Ledge Hill Road area home by accident. The owner let me know this morning that one just turned up last night. But the other still hasn’t been seen in over a week.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any photos to share. Here is her description:

a 11-year old black and white, neutered male, medium length hair, 10 pounds, not micro-chipped, and by now skittish (although when he disappeared he was friendly and would approach anyone).

Neither have collars since they are indoor cats, which is now (hindsight being 20-20) probably a mistake. . .

If you see them , please call 508.481.1751 and we will try to capture them. I am afraid they will run from others.

Updated (7/20/16 10:55 am): I learned that one of the two cats was found.

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7 years ago

Let me add a better description. The pictures I have of our cat are on my computer that is being repaired. Sorry! Houdini is a long haired, fluffy black and white cat. About 10 pounds and 11 years neutered male; no collar. His head, shoulders, back and tail are black. His neck, chest, and belly are white along with his paws. On his front legs he has 5 toes. He has a white spot on his nose, two white spots under his nose (looks like a mustache) and a black spot under his chin (like a goatee). Bright yellow eyes. He was very friendly before he disappeared but who knows at this point if he is skittish or not. If you see him, just call and we will come to try to rescue him, Thanks. Ledge Hill Area. 508.481.1751

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