Town Meeting news: Seeking babysitters, plus more on Main St and Flagg Road

Above: The Zoning Board of Appeals’ approval of the Park Central development is behind two of the Articles up for vote at Town Meeting on Tuesday – a proposal to strip Use Variance rights from the ZBA, and a request to urge selectmen to gate Flagg Road. (image of a version of the site plan from this summer contributed by Allan Bezanson)

I have more updates and materials related to the Special Town Meeting.

  1.  Babysitters needed: The Town is offering babysitting for tomorrow night. To do that, they are requesting more volunteers to help. Volunteers must be in 8th grade or older. Please reach out to Southborough Recreation by emailing (That’s the same email for signing up your kids to be babysat.) If you have questions, the Rec Dept’s phone number is 508-229-4452.
  2. More info on Main Street: I have received a copy of the presentation made at last week’s forum. (Click here to open the pdf.) Public Works also forwarded other sheets and brochures covering specific issues. Click to open pdf files on: Infrastructure problemsEasements explanation, FAQ & Misperceptions, Costs (with explanation of past mistakes) And Southborough Access Media has posted the YouTube video of the event. You can watch that below.

  1. Flagg Road info: Reader Allan Bezanson asked me to share the following information related to the article on gating Flagg Road:

This copy of the June 21, 2016 draft site plan might be helpful to voters seeking a better understanding of the scope and boundaries of the development. Some details have changed from this draft version but the overall scope is about the same. Roads have been hand colored onto the developer’s plan.

At issue is the fact that the user variance approved by the ZBA calls for 100% of the traffic from the development to exit onto Flagg Road with the option to either turn right to Route 9 or left in a northerly direction. The left turn would have an impact on Deerfoot, Lovers Lane, Lynbrook and Clifford.

MassDoT made it clear the developer would be blocked for safety reasons from direct egress via Park Central Drive to 9. Further, MassDot, in a safety study published in November 2013, stipulated “NO LEFT ONTO FLAGG”

Park Central Site Plan 6-21-2016From MassDOT Route 495 & Route 9 Interchange Study

  1. If the meeting goes too long: On the off chance that business doesn’t get wrapped up tomorrow night, the Town Moderator announced that the meeting would be continued to a week later, Tuesday, October 25 at 7:00 pm at Trottier.

See you tomorrow night at Trottier. The meeting begins at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.

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mark dassoni
7 years ago

Typical developers look at Flagg rd., vote to take away variances from ZBA , Mass. Dot. nail it in 2013 . Mark Dassoni .

7 years ago
Reply to  mark dassoni

Looking at the Mass Dot pictures, I’m confused with the gas station. Is there no exit? If not, I see a lot of people accessing the gas station from park central, and entering rt 9 via the gas station entrance.

Rose Mauro
7 years ago

Mass DOT picture is from 2011-13, not about Park Central. They are taking into account traffic from the office buildings and the hotel only. There could be different issues raised with a residential development.

Rose Mauro
7 years ago

I have my own issues with this development, but just want to be sure that all information is properly referenced here. In my opinion, it makes less sense to restrict entry to Southborough when the drivers are Southborough residents vs. office park employees or hotel guests.

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