Important meeting on Historic District – November 9

An important step in Southborough’s effort to adopt a National Historic District is coming up soon.

Members of the the Historical Commission are hoping residents will come out in support of the initiative on November 9th. It’s also a great time to get any questions you have answered.

The Commission has shared an updated map of the proposed district (scroll down) and this invitation:

Save the Date

Come to a public informational meeting on Wednesday November 9, at 7:15 PM at the Town House, and show support (or not) for the proposed Main Street area National Register Historic District in the downtown.

(click to enlarge)

Phil Bergen of the Massachusetts Historical Commission will come to Southborough to give a presentation on the benefits of a National Register Historic District, which essentially imposes no restrictions on property owners. Ask Phil questions, and raise any concerns you have.

The Southborough Historical Commission will also give a presentation on the proposed district. Find out why the Commission believes it’s All Upside – No Upside
See you on November 9th!

Kate Matison, on behalf of the Southborough Historical Commission

If you haven’t been following this, the National Registry doesn’t impose restrictions like local Historic Districts do. You can read more about that difference, here.

(click to enlarge)

The district would cover a portion of Main Street and some adjacent roads. Click on thumbnail right for the updated map.

For past coverage with more details, click here.

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7 years ago

Is this another attempt to stop the Main Street project? I looked at the linked information and it does not address whether this designation would affect the recently approved Main St. project. I am very suspicious of the timing of this coming just after the vote to proceed with the Main St. redesign.

Allan Bezanson
7 years ago

The catch is there is no catch. This is a very important meeting and we owe thanks to Kate Matison for bringing in Phil Bergen to explain the National Register Historic District.. Sense of history is a vital component of the soul of a place.

Who remembers the First National “supermarket” that was once in downtown Southborough? The one that would deliver your groceries like PeaPod. At mug-up this morning I got the first hand.story about that from Jack Maley who did those deliveries when he worked there in 1939. We were a town of farmers at that time and some had neither the time or means to get to town. The First National building is still there in the Proposed Southborough National Register Historic District and you can locate it on this website::

Peruse the MACRIS website and you may find much that will surprise you about places around town. History rocks!.


7 years ago

I’m still suspicious and wondering if people need to turn out to oppose this in order to insure the Main St project goes forward.

I understand that those who grew up here are nostalgic for those things that were around in their youth. I think its great if people want to get together and reminisce or document the past. But, I don’t want a small group’s sense of what is historically important to impact what people are allowed to do in the present, specifically a project that was just approved.

To quote from one of Beth’s earlier articles on this:

“Meanwhile, the benefits being touted are:

sense of community and pride – through recognition of the area’s history
allows owners of income-producing properties certain federal tax incentives for preservation
provides limited protection from adverse effects by federal or state involved projects”

So this protects us from “federal or state involved projects” Could this include the Main St. Project? I am still highly skeptical of the motives for going after this desgination.

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