Scouting for Food snafu – Don’t forget to put out your donations (even if your bag was missing) (Updated)

I just learned last night from Scouting for Food organizers that there was a snafu that caused some residents to not receive Scouting for Food bags on Saturday.

After scouts hung bags, a mail carrier unfamiliar with the program* removed them from mailboxes on many streets. That means many of you may not have gotten your bag.

That’s OK. Because you don’t need to use an official “Scouting for Food” bag to participate. You just need to leave any bags filled with Southborough Food Pantry donations by your mailbox before 9:00 am this Saturday morning.

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)
Still, organizers are working on getting bags re-delivered to the effected areas so that everyone gets the word.

(It is the most important drive for the Food Pantry donations all year.)

Bags also had flyers on them with details including some of the more sought after contributions. Click on the flyer right for those details.

The routes that they know were impacted are:

  • Sadie Hutt
  • Kennedy
  • Overlook
  • Presidential
  • Winchester
  • Whistler
  • Upland
  • Stowe
  • E. Main
  • Glenwood
  • Hillside
  • Autumn Hill
  • Marlboro Road

*In general, it is against the law to place promotional materials on or in people’s mailboxes. What the mail carrier didn’t realize was that Scouts have been granted permission by the U.S. Postal service to hang the bags on mailboxes as part of the annual food drive.

(contributed photo 2009)

Updated (11/8/16 12:22 pm): Added flyer

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5 years ago

I saw a lot of them blowing around as well.

5 years ago
Reply to  Alan

Yes, it was super windy the day I saw a scout in our neighborhood dropping them off. Any bag will do!

5 years ago

Thank you for posting Beth. All but 4 roads on the list got replacement bags today. The rest should get done tomorrow.

Scout Power
5 years ago

It is amazing how this continually happens with the postmen in town. Even though they rely on the Scouts to unload their trucks when they do their food drive….Also, it doesn’t bother them at holiday time when there is a little something in the box for them. Get Smitty back!

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