Seniors and Fay students to share experiences on the media & growing up in wartime

Above: Over the years there have been a lot of changes in the way teens are exposed to media. Seniors and ninth graders will discuss the impact of that on their perspectives growing up during time of war. (image left posted to Wikimedia Commons, right cropped from photo posted to flickr by Sodanie Chea)

Fay School is opening dialogue between Southborough seniors and 9th grade students. Seniors are invited to engage in conversation about what it’s like to grow up during a time of war.

The free event will take place at Fay School. It will include lunch, small group discussions and “building relationships across the generations”. The school hopes it will be the first of many chances for the different age groups to “share stories and make connections”.

The program takes place on Wednesday, February 1st from 10:00 am to noon. To sign up, call the Senior Center at 508-229-4453.

Here are the details:

Growing Up During Times of War
Media Then and Now

Grade Nine at Fay School invites folks from the Southborough Senior Center for a visit to engage in story sharing with the students. In an effort to connect across the generations, the students will present what they have been learning and engage in conversation about growing up in 2016 in comparison to the youthful years of the seniors.

These students are growing up in a time when the influx of media is everywhere – television, email, social media, etc. How is media affecting their perspective on world events? What was a significant world or local event that happened in your childhood? How did you learn about the event? Where were you when you learned? How did it affect you? Did media play a role in the information? If so, what was the media at the time?

Please join grade nine students from Fay School as they present what they are learning in the curricula at school, as well as their knowledge and view of present day significant events. The day will include small group discussions, a shared lunch, and building relationships across the generations.

The students are very much looking forward to welcoming neighbors to share a bit about each others’ lives.

We hope that this will be just one of many opportunities to share stories and make connections with Fay students and seniors.

PLEASE SIGN UP (508) 229-4453

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