Southborough schools only cancelling some after-school activities (Updated)

Updated (1/31/16 2:47 pm): Not all activities were cancelled after all.

At this point, I can confirm that the Ski program is still taking place. But Neary Wordmasters is cancelled. And so is evening basketball.

After getting a “One Call” from Neary that after school activities were cancelled, I checked in with the Superintendent’s office to find out about the other schools. I was told that Principals were given the go ahead to cancel after school activities.

After I posted the news, Recreation’s Director posted a comment that RAP is continuing, except for Neary Wordmasters. Evening basketball is cancelled. Neary’s office confirmed that the only other RAP they have is Ski Club, and that will be taking place.


Southborough schools have cancelled their after school activities due to forecast snow. Students will be dismissed at the end of the school day.

Parents are in the process of getting “One Call” notifications from the schools.

The same will generally apply to Algonquin. However, there may be some exceptions for athletic competitions scheduled for today.

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Doreen A Ferguson
5 years ago

RAP programs are running. Except for Neary Wordmaster
Evening Basketball is cancelled.

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