Has someone made a difference to your special needs child? Nominations open for ‘Go the Distance’ awards

On Tuesday, May 23, the Northborough/Southborough Special Education Parent Advisory Council (NSPAC) will host its 7th annual Go the Distance Award ceremonies.

The evening honors district staff and community members who have made a significant contribution to enhancing the life of a student with special needs.

Organizers are looking for nominations for this year’s awards:

NSPAC 2016 honorees (image from NSPAC website)
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a bus driver, teacher, cafeteria worker, paraprofessional, support staff member, another student, or community employee (such as a hairdresser, coach, dance teacher, or librarian). It can be anyone who has made a significant contribution in enhancing the life of a student with special needs in the Northborough/Southborough school district. . .

Any family member or guardian of a child with special needs in Northborough or Southborough is free to submit a nomination. The nomination can also be made by the child or in the name of your child.

Nominations are limited to one per child on an IEP or 504 plan. Everyone nominated will be recognized.

The nomination deadline is Wednesday, April 26,. You can find the complete information including the online nomination form here.

At last year’s ceremony, NSPAC honored the following people for their contributions:

Nancy Ahrabi-Nejad, Lisa Albertelli, Lisa Antoine, Emily Balboni, Nancy Bauman, Colleen Bercume, Alisa Bernat, Laurie Bird, Derek Blanchard, Lindsay Burgess, Jamison Clark, Kimberly Coffin, Mary Deffley, Alison Engel, Kelly Farrell, Karyn Fisher, Liam Fitzgerald, Caitlin Foley, Allison Garand, William Gelinas, Shawn Gillespie, Amy Glennon, Stephen Godbout, Jesse Hamill, Crystal Hare, Jessica Himmelman, Clare Kelsey, Lisa Klockner, Keith Lavoie, Cheryl Lewis, Aidan Lowe, Margie Lubanko, Kristen MacDonald, Kathy Marcello, Sarah McNulty, Andy Meschisen, Elizabeth Mintz, Cynthia Moore, Frank Nellenback, Sarah Ostler, Jean Ouellette, Marie Porteus, Jess Powell, Caroline Raschko, Meghan Reade, Ruth Reeve, Chloe Reeve-Patel, Amy Reilly, Bobbi Ricciuti-Setser, Felecia Rutigliano, Lori Scearbo, Jennifer Serra, Kristen Simon, Haley Soderberg, Beth Steele, Alysun Stephens-Kenney, and Ann Thurber

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