Black Bear sighting in Southborough: Town issues warning

Right: No, this fellow isn’t the one spotted in Southborough. It’s just a visual reminder that bird feeders really can attract bears to your yard. (image cropped from photo posted to flickr by Jassen)

Southborough residents are being warned to rid their yards of items that could attract bears. That means it’s time to bring in your birdfeeders and trash.

The warning follows multiple sightings of a Black Bear in town.

Southborough Emergency Management utilized the Code Red system to alert residents of potential danger. Alerts were made by phone and text this just after 3:30 this afternoon.

The text cautions:

(More Bear Sightings Southborough, MA) Black bear sightings on south-side area today Bring in bird feeders & trash Use caution outdoors Call 508-485-2147 to report sightings & do not approach bears

A phone alert from SEM detailed that the “additional sightings” were south of Route 9 and east of Route 85.

The alert went on to ask residents to take caution outdoors – especially with pets and children. It also reminded that while black bears are usually more scared of us, “they are wild animals and can be unpredictable.”

Anyone who spots a bear is asked to avoid it, go inside and call the non-emergency number for Southborough Police. (Again, that is 508-485-2147.)

The alert referred to the bear(s) as being in addition to sightings yesterday.

Local media reported of a young black bear captured in Marlborough yesterday. Southborough Wicked Local quoted officials presuming it to be the same one that had been spotted in the Framingham and Sudbury area. The story shared that bears had also been reported the past several days in Hopkinton, Southborough, and Upton.

Bear sightings in town don’t happen every year. But they aren’t that unusual for this season. Long-time readers may recall, that a bear even visited our emergency personnel (or at least their parking lot) six years ago. You can read about that here.

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5 years ago

Actually, I know of bears either personally seen by my family since 2008, to public sightings in town, and now often captured on home security cameras EVERY year since. It is something we should just understand as each winter season ends and they come out of hibernation, they will be back. State wildlife officer told us that teenaged bears particularly start to roam far from their homes. So bring in the birdfeeders at the first thaw. Always better to keep trash inside garage if you have one, due to all kinds of wildlife.
There is a presentation at the library on Tuesday about native plantings in your landscape. This is the better way to feed the birds, as well as helping bees and butterflies.

Ryan D.
5 years ago

I remember one time many years ago I saw a bear in the woods, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

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