Trail Run & Pumpkin Chuck – Nov 5th (Updated)

Above: The Trustees of Reservations are inviting the public to watch them fling pumpkins – and get in a run on their trails. (images from event pages on TTOR website and Facebook)

With the gap between Light Up Southborough and Halloween, some families jack o’ lanterns may have started looking sad. But don’t rush to chuck them when trick or treating is done. If you hold onto them a few more days you can really chuck ’em.

Chestnut Hill Farm is hosting a special event on Sunday, November 5th.

The Trustees of Reservations are inviting runners are invited to “work off all of that candy” from Halloween. A 5k trail run will be held that morning. (Pre-registration is required.)

But the fun goes beyond the run. The event will end with squash getting squashed. Chestnut Hill Farm staff built a special flinging device (homemade trebuchet) for chucking pumpkins.

The best part is watching the fun is free. (As is cheering on runners.) Plus, it only costs $5 if you want to have your pumpkin tossed into the compost.*

The event runs from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. Runner registration costs $12/member and $20/non-member. For more details, or to sign up, click here.

*In case it isn’t clear, the trebuchet will be operated by farm staff, not onlookers.

Updated (10/30/17 8:31 am): Wrong date was in the headline! My apologies for the unfortunate typo.

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