Municipal Aggregation: Savings for you (and a mea culpa from me)

Above: The public information session broadcast and posted to YouTube by Southborough Access Media

It seems that some of my information on the Municipal Aggregation Plan was incorrect. According to statements by a selectman and the Town’s consultant, the program was created to save residents and businesses money.

A reader who attended yesterday afternoon’s info session at the Senior Center commented, 

According to the Power Choice representative at the Informational Meeting today this program we are joining has absolutely no tie-in with municipal electrical supply. It is strictly for residential and business customers

He was confused, pointing to a post I wrote where I indicated the Town’s intent was to save money for the municipal buildings with little savings expected for residents.

The start of the info session last night, broadcast by SAM, seems confirm that my information was wrong. 

The other facts I shared were straight from the Town’s announcement and/or confirmed by the Town Administrator. So the details on how the plan will effect power customers, deadlines, rates, etc. still stand.

It’s the Town’s intent and perception of achieving savings for residents that I got wrong. I apologize for causing confusion.

Unfortunately, I forgot to look into it this morning – and I’m under the weather this afternoon. So I can’t dig into where my misunderstanding stemmed from right now. But I didn’t want to hold off for that before getting the right information out there.

You can see the information session for yourself above. For the details in writing see my dedicated post from December (which I now need to update!) Click here to see a copy of the mailer that was sent out.

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