ARHS teacher demonstrates heroism (and knowledge of his subject)

This winter, an Algonquin coach and teacher put himself in harm’s way to help a skier in danger. Nathan Largesse is a science teacher at ARHS. Based on his account, he also helps coach the school’s Alpine Ski team.

The school paper posted a video of Largesse recounting an incident that took place on the slopes recently. While he was coaching at Ski Ward, a girl (not on their team) fell from a chair lift. Largesse put himself in her path to break her fall.

From Largesse’s retelling, it sounds like he put his knowledge of physics into practice. He wasn’t able to completely “catch” the falling girl. But he deduced that by grabbing her, he would reduce the impact of the fall on her body.

Here’s his story, courtesy of ARHS Harbinger:

On an only semi-related note, the school’s ski team is performing well this year. The Girls are top of their league and Boys in third. You can read about that in another Harbinger story posted this morning.

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