Snow Day: March 8,2018 (Updated)

Superintendent Christine Johnson made the call this morning. There’s no public school in Southborough (and Northborough) today.

That means the Senior Center and any other program that mimics the school’s policy is also closed. Unsurprisingly,  Town offices are also closed for the day. I think that makes it safe to assume that the Library will be as well.

With 2,991 Southborough customers without power, it’s also likely that most area businesses are closed. Right now, National Grid is showing that more than 1/5  of their customers in the state have lost power . The utility is posting an overall restoration date for power in Southborough of March 10 12 AM.

I’m late sharing the news since a combo of my power outage and the auto “do not disturb” on my cell phone me miss the school’s wake up call!

Today’s school cancellation moves the last day of public school to Thursday, June 21.

Update (3/18/18 9:25 am): The tally on Southborough customers without power has gone up instead of down. It’s now at 3,600. But they are no longer listing a restoration time of midnight on the 10th. Instead the situation is in the process of being assessed. So keep your fingers crossed for a much faster resolution.

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