Vote at Trottier (and everything else you need to know about Tuesday’s election)

Above: When you head out to vote for one of the four candidates, make sure you head towards Trottier. (photos by Susan Fitzgerald)

Tomorrow is the annual Town election – Tuesday, May 8th.

Below is a reminder of who is running with links to their candidate statements for the contested seats. You can also check out SAM’s video from Candidates Night, or read about the highlights (here for Selectmen & School Committee members, and here for Library Trustees)

But first a reminder and update about where, when, and how to vote. Last fall the voting location for all three precincts were combined under one roof. Elections are now held in the Trottier School gym.

Voters should expect to enter through the entrance on the right side of the building. The polls will be open from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Town Clerk Jim Hegarty posted a comment last week that included information on a different check in process this year. It combines the old with getting ready for something new:

We are still required to use the old fashioned paper check-in system, but we will also be using the much faster electronic check-in system we use at Town Meetings.

Why are we using two check-in systems side-by side?
The state has told us that once they finish writing the new regulations, we will be allowed to eliminate using paper check-in for elections. In anticipation of the change to electronic check-in, I’m using this opportunity to test how the new system will work, give our election workers and the voters a chance to ‘test drive’ the system, and give us an opportunity to identify and fix any issues before we officially move to the new system. For this election, the paper check-in will remain the legal standard.

We will continue to use paper ballots regardless of how we check-in.

When you check in, voters are still be split by precinct. So, you should know yours going in. (If you used to vote at Woodward, you’re in precinct 1; Finn was precinct 2; Trottier band room was 3. If you don’t know, then click here to find out.)

Voters should park in front of the gym entrance on the side of the school. (There are handicap spots there.) Candidates and supporters must park in front of the school.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that matters. You should also know who to vote for!

I would never tell readers who that is. But there are plenty of people who will – for instance, the candidates. Each candidate has submitted a letter to this blog vying your vote. Under their letters, you may also see some comments from people enthusiastically endorsing them.

(If you haven’t endorsed your favorite candidate yet, feel free to chime in. But I’m not accepting criticisms or loaded questions against specific candidates this late in the game.)

You can also get to know the candidates through their statements and Q&A at Candidates’ Night.

To see everyone who is running, you can click here for the sample ballot. Below is the list of candidates for contested seats with links to each of their letters:

Board of Selectmen – vote for one – 3 year term

School Committee – vote for two – 3 year term

Board of Trustees Southborough Library – vote for two – 3 year term

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Louise Barron
6 years ago

Town Clerk Are all towns using this voting procedure.

Southborough Town Clerk
6 years ago
Reply to  Louise Barron


I believe that only 2 or 3 other towns are using this dual check-in test.

Jim Hegarty
Southborough Town Clerk
(508) 485-0710 x 3007

Louise Barron
6 years ago

Two or three towns? Which ones?

Also, who authorized this?

Is this information being sold or shared or have any potential for mis-use?

Does Secretary Galvin’s office know that this procedure was implemented?

Thank you

Kelly Roney
6 years ago

Please be aware that having a driver’s license is not required to vote in Massachusetts, so the scanning part of check-in is not going to be a requirement.

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