Vacancies to consider

Above: The Town of Southborough continually points out the need for volunteers on its website. But, if you aren’t visiting the site, you won’t see it. So, here’s my annual update of vacancies on Town committees.

Recently, I posted about some new appointments that were made. Now it’s time to look at the appointments that weren’t made due to a shortage of volunteers.

If you have been considering doing more to serve our Town, ther are lots of options to consider.

This list is winnowed down from the vacancies listed on the Town website. I omitted inactive committees and most of the seats reserved for specific representatives. Each of the following committees have one vacancy for residents-at-large unless otherwise noted.

I linked the committees to their pages with more information on their responsibilities:

*Technically, the vacancies I listed for two committees are specified for representatives of other committees. I included these, because the unrepresented committees also have unfilled seats:

  • Community Preservation Committee needs representatives from SHOPC and the Southborough Housing Authority
  • Southborough Stewardship Committee needs representatives from the Conservation Commission and Recreation Commission

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