Public Safety Building update – new monthly newsletter

Above: The committee in charge of building the new Public Safety Complex shared an updated rendering of the building plus a newsletter with images of work done to date.

The Public Safety Building Committee has launched a monthly newsletter. The communication is meant to update residents on the major construction project.

The premiere “June 2018” issue, put the project status at 3.17% based on the status in the “first application for payment”. (You can open the issue here.)

The newsletter is structured to provide updates in the following categories: 

  • Project Information
  • Payment Status
  • Damages / Claims
  • Schedule Update
  • Construction Activity
  • Change Orders / PCOs
  • Issues / Concerns
  • Site Documentation
  • Payment Application
  • Three Week Look Ahead
  • Notable Correspondence

The cover features the following project description:

This contract work is for a new Public Safety Complex Bldg. with Police and Fire Station headquarters. The station will include 5 apparatus bays, dispatch and communications, offices, dormitory space, kitchen, fitness room, and showers for the on-duty firefighters. The site is located right off of Cordaville Road and near Common Street. The new Police Station and Fire Station will be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The project was designed by Context Architecture (formerly Donham & Sweeney) of Boston, MA. CTA
Construction Managers of Waltham, MA was selected as the General Contractor . Both CTA Construction Managers and the Town of Southborough (“Town”) executed a Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor (AIA A101). The Agreement stipulated sums of $15,125,000.00 for complete construction.

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4 years ago

Hi Beth. Do you know how we can subscribe to the newsletter? Thanks!

Louise Barron
4 years ago

With the new Public Safety Building, why wasn’t route 85 widened. There is land on both sides of Route 85. On the cemetery side and the Public Building side. With busses, traffic, ambulances, firetrucks, police vehicles, wouldn’t a 2 lane road make a lot of good sense.

It remains to be seen, as to whether traffic analysis on this issue is close to being correct.
I see many traffic problems, emergency vehicles caught in the lines of traffic, which could lead to a tragedy.

Kelly Roney
4 years ago
Reply to  Louise Barron

How is the future location on Cordaville Rd. worse than the current location on Main St.?

Both are a half block from the biggest non-highway intersection in town. Both streets back up at rush hour. Emergency vehicles have to get through at those times.

The evidence for current impact is cross-hatching on Main St. where signs tell drivers not to block the public service driveway. What’s the evidence that the Cordaville Rd. location will be worse?

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