Miss me? Cat found near Oregon Road

Another reader is hoping to “rescue” a cat in Southborough by seeking it’s owner(s). This cat is apparently wandering the Oregon Road/Powdermill Lane/Garrison Lane area of town.

I can’t tell you if it’s a he or she. The feline appears to be hungry but somewhat skittish.

The reader describes:

The attached pictures are of a cat that has been coming by my house throughout the day and well into the night looking for food. . . It gobbles down an entire can when I put it out so it seems hungry and lost. It won’t come near me so I cannot bring it inside.

I guess that means that even if it’s microchipped the concerned resident would be unable to track an owner. Fortunately, the cat isn’t camera shy. Here are some more photos:

Contributed pic of "found" cat Contributed pic of "found" cat

The reader would rather not post her information directly. But if you email mysouthborough@gmail.com, I’ll forward the message.

Updated (1/14/19 8:53 am): Since nights were so cold, the reader and a neighbor trapped the cat. Since no one reached out from the blog post, they brought it to Baypath animal shelter.

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3 years ago

There are some people who trap cats and bring them to a safe space while the owners are found. This is especially important in this cold weather. You may want to to contact Baypath Animal Shelter in Hopkinton.

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