Chestnut Hill Farm Maple Tap-a-thon March 9

Above: Chestnut Hill Farm is inviting you to help tap into the farm’s maple sap for making Maple Syrup. (images edited from photos posted to Facebook)

Chestnut Hill Farm is promoting their upcoming event for maple syrup lovers. On Saturday, March 9th, they’ll be holding their “Maple Tree Tap-a-Thon”.

The event isn’t free and registration is required. Those details are below.

Maple Tree Tap-a-Thon at Chestnut Hill Farm

Saturday, March 9
1 PM – 3 PM

It’s maple syrup season, and that means it’s time for Chestnut Hill Farm’s annual Maple Tree Tap-a-thon! 

This special family event is led by naturalist and Trustees ranger, Tim Puopolo. Ranger Tim will show us how to identify maple trees on the farm and share the history of tapping as we learn about how maple sap runs. Every participant will be able to set their own tap to get the farm’s maples flowing. Join us and get outside, learn something, and have fun!

Space is limited, so pre-registration is required at

Member Adult: $9;
Member Child: $9;
Nonmember Adult: $15;
Nonmember Child: $15;
Children under age 7 are free!

The Trustees of Reservations is telling the public to stay tuned for more events at the Farm as they enter spring – their busiest season. You can find their events here.
The page shows that another Brew Moon Hike is coming up on March 22nd.
As for the other two events, the farm has been trying to offer free, after dark “Light Up Sledding” every Saturday night since the start of the year. Unfortunately, the timing of snow and melting has forced them to cancel each time. More snow is forecast again this week (3-6 inches on Wednesday) but it is again followed by two days forecast with highs above freezing. You can check their Facebook page closer to Saturday night to verify the status.

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