More Public Safety news: Memorial on the move and a Fraud alert about fake faculty

Above: Public Safety personnel and equipment aren’t the only things moving from Main Street to Cordaville Road. They’re taking their memorial with them. (photo from Facebook)

Today, Southborough public safety personnel have been busy working to move the memorial. I wasn’t able to be there, but they alerted me and shared photos on Facebook. The Southborough Fire Department posted:

 Special moving day for our Fire & Police Memorial to our new Public Safely Complex. Constructed years before knowing we would be relocating, the committee members had great foresight to design and built it strong enough to be easily moved when/if a new station was ever built. Today was the test, and it worked out exactly as planned – a true testament to the efforts, talents and hard work of our members!!! 

Construction of the memorial began in 2014 and was completed in 2015. The modular structure consist of four monuments: one for fire, and police personnel, one to remember the six firemen who perished in the Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Fire in 1999, and those who risked their lives at the World Trade Center on 9/11. Bricks from the warehouse were included along with a small piece of steel from the World Trade Center.

It will be relocated at the site of the new Public Safety Building on Cordaville Road. Below are photos from today’s move:

As long as I’m sharing public safety news, I’ll also share a warning posted by the Police this morning. Apparently, a scammer tried to present him/herself as a Southborough school principal:

There is currently an email scam going on, in which the scam sender identifies himself (or herself) as a school faculty member, and proceeds to request the victim to purchase an amazon (or other company’s) gift card for them. The scammer states that they are in a business meeting, and that they need this gift card right away. This scam has occurred in other towns, and now Southborough is one of them. A Southborough resident reported receiving an email from one of our school principals, in which they were requesting the purchase of a gift card for them. Luckily the resident realized that this was a scam!
A word of caution and reminder to all- NEVER purchase a gift card and give the information over to someone that you don’t know- especially over the phone or in an email. No business; relative; professional; etc, would ask you to pay with a gift card.

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